Some Common Characteristics of Satanist Ritual Abuse

1) People dressed in dark robes and hoods who are chanting, usually in a language which the victim cannot understand.

2) Children being drugged, prior to their abuse by those dressed in robes and hoods.

3) Children being forced to ingest human or animal faeces and urine.

4) Children being forced to drink human or animal blood.

5) Children kept in cages or hung on hooks.

6) Children placed in coffins and buried in the ground. They are usually eventually taken out after experiencing the terror of being buried alive.

7) Children being forced to sexually abuse other children. (Satanist Ritual Abusers are keen to corrupt children and implicate them in criminal activities.)

8) Ritual sacrifice of a human or animal.

9) Children being forced to not only watch the human or animal sacrifice but also to eat the sacrificial victim afterwards.

10) Children being forced to participate in the killing of the sacrificial victim.

11) Women or girls being forcibly impregnated and later their child is aborted and used as a ritual sacrifice or is born and then ritually sacrificed.

12) Death threats against the children, their loved ones and even their pets if the child victims reveal the abuse which they have suffered.

13) Children being forced to have sex with animals. The children are also subjected to a variety of sexual acts including rape, sodomy and oral rape.

14) Children being gang raped.

15) The abuse is often inter-generational.

16) Satanist paraphernalia is used at the rituals, including robes, pentagrams, circles, candles, altars, knives and coffins.

17) Acts of mutilation and dismemberment.

18) Victims being smeared with excrement and/or semen.

19) Actions, which are deliberately designed to arouse intense terror in the victims, are inflicted on them.

20) Brainwashing and the exercise of mind control over the victims.

This is not an exhaustive list.
SRA not only involves the repeated sexual abuse of a child or vulnerable adult but also the severe long-term physical and mental torture of the victims.

Some Very Important Points to Note

Not every Satanist engages in SRA, but many of them do.

SRA is not the same as Paedophilia so it is best not to refer to SRA as Paedophilia or as Child Sex Abuse. SRA is in a category of its own and should be publicly referred to as SRA or as Satanist Ritual Abuse. SRA should be very clearly and publicly exposed for what it is, and not disguised as Paedophilia or Child Sex Abuse.

This point cannot be over-emphasised. Until the British public better understand what SRA is and that it exists in Britain, it will be very difficult to get effective action taken against this horrific abuse and torture of children. Publicly describing SRA as Paedophilia or as Child Sex Abuse or describing Satanist covens that do SRA as “Paedophile Rings” only further conceals the existence of SRA and perhaps inadvertently assists the extensive cover up of this subject.

SRA is not about whether the devil exists or not, it is about human worshippers of the devil, often referred to as Satanists, who do in fact exist. One does not have to believe in the existence of the devil to believe that Satanists exist and to believe that many Satanists commit SRA.

Even Britain’s Royal Navy has officially recognised Satanism and Satanists and accepted that Satanist rituals can take place on Royal Navy ships. Click Here to Read More

And one of the leading influential figures in modern international Satanism, if not the top influential figure, is Aleister Crowley, a British Satanist. So not only is Satanism present, growing and active in the UK but British Satanism has also had a major impact on Satanism across the world.

While some Satanist Ritual Abusers are also Paedophiles, many Satanist Ritual Abusers are not strongly sexually attracted to children. They do their abuse for religious reasons. They think that the feelings of pain and distress experienced by their victims will give them more power. Another important reason why such abusers should be described as Satanist Ritual Abusers instead of Paedophiles.

At the heart of SRA is the relentless and ruthless pursuit of power.

One of the purposes of ritually abusing children and vulnerable adults as part of Satanist worship is to indoctrinate them into Satanist beliefs and practices.

Satanist Ritual Abusers are not content to only abuse others, they also wish to transform society and impose their influence and dominance on it. As long ago as 1991 one of the first people to publicly expose SRA in the UK warned about this.

Her name is Dianne Core and she wrote the book: “Chasing Satan”, about SRA in Britain.

Dianne wrote at page 13 of that book:

“But there is also a unique cultural dimension to satanic crime. The perpetrators want to change society. Whereas the paedophile is interested only in satisfying his lusts, and otherwise wishes the world to continue as it is, the satanist wants to undermine the institutions and morality of society. In a democracy, they are entitled to pursue such goals, so long as they have the guts to openly declare their objectives; but they are cowards who lurk in dark corners, determined to engineer their objectives secretly.”

We can and should talk openly and publicly about SRA and do this repeatedly. Because the biggest beneficiaries of the silence and scepticism regarding SRA in Britain are the Satanist Ritual Abusers and the biggest losers are the SRA victims. No grave injustices or gross human rights violations ever got resolved by being not talked about. Look for example at the issue of slavery. William Wilberforce talked publicly about slavery and kept talking about it until the British Government made it illegal. Despite the fact that at that time speaking publicly against slavery was far from popular or fashionable and there were a lot of strong vested interests in preserving the slave trade.

Public and extensive exposure of SRA is what the Satanist Ritual Abusers fear the most.

Call a spade a spade. Call Satanist Ritual Abuse, Satanist Ritual Abuse. Some have mistakenly thought that they might achieve more positive results by referring to Satanist Ritual Abuse as just Ritual Abuse. This only creates ignorance and confusion as to what is the belief system behind the abuse and who the perpetrators are.

Because it is difficult to understand what drives SRA and understand the characteristics of this abuse unless one has some awareness of the belief system that is behind it.

It has also opened the door to those who want to try and re-define ritual abuse as meaning something completely different from its original meaning.


Silence aids and abets SRA. Let’s talk publicly, clearly, directly and persistently about the reality of SRA in the UK and the urgent need for the authorities to take much more effective action against such hideous abuse.